“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is


Working in Marketing & Communications with Ericsson, I am a photo and video passionate.

A growing passion

Starting point
Back in 2006, I started to design website and flyers to promote private events, travel organization, art exposition, restaurant and more. Those first visual communication achievements represent the beginning of my passion for images.
The camera addiction begin
In 2009, my mother offers me my first camera kit : a Nikon D40 body and his basic 18-55mm lens. Learning by myself photography, I will start in 2012 to be interested by videos.
Learning on the spot
But it is in 2013, when leaving Belgium for 2 years that I will considerably develop those two passions while travelling through 14 countries.
Back in Belgium, I am now improving and using every day my photography & videography skills in various projects, personal as well as profesionnal.
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